The planet is being invaded by OCOs (Co2 bubbles), which are causing a destructive warming effect and endangering its climate, water reserves and all its inhabitants.

Become a Supereco to save the planet one drop of water at a time, and complete ecological missions to eliminate as many OCOs as possible to restore balance to our planet.

Join the challenge

  1. Register for the GenAction Challenge by filling out the form.
  2. Create your Supereco avatar
  3. Complete the missions to collect points and improve your chances of winning one of the prizes!

Who is this competition for?

Whether you’re a student, parent or teacher, the GénérationAction challenge is open to everyone, with the aim of protecting the environment. Challenge yourself, your family, your friends or your class.

your friends to take part

Family pass for the Biosphère courtesy of Espace pour la vie! Valid for 2 adults, 3 children.

The winning class in a draw for the second-highest-scoring school will win a field trip to the Biosphère courtesy of Espace pour la vie before the end of the 2024 school year!

FOR MAY: The school with the highest score in Greater Montreal wins Yannick Bergeron's La Magie de la Chimie show! Show on May 31! - Add your school to your avatar to improve your school's chances!

Photo credit: Yannick Bergeron, official website

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All official prices will be announced shortly.